When the National League added the Marlins and Rockies, the LTBNL expanded as well, adding the Show Hoffs and Sol Train, taking us to twelve teams. The competition to own the two new teams was fierce. (Not really.) But the League Office did put the candidates through a rigorous vetting process.

Every existing team was permitted to protect 15 total players from its combined active and reserve rosters. Then we held an expansion draft by phone on March 9. The new teams were allowed to pick up to 15 players from among the unprotected. The Show Hoffs won the coin toss and picked first:
rigorous vetting process
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1Will ClarkBrett Butler
2Luis GonzalezJeff Kent
3Rey SanchezMilt Thompson
4Mark LemkeBrian Barnes
5Mike HarkeyDonovan Osborne
6Chipper JonesGeronimo Berroa
7Frank SeminaraJose Martinez
8Bobby JonesSteve Reed
9Tony GwynnTracy Woodson
10Tim TeufelSteve Decker
11Darrin FletcherCory Snyder
12Kurt StillwellRicky Jordan
13Dwight SmithTom Goodwin
14[pass]Ryan Bowen
15[pass]Denny Neagle
The Auction was held at the home of the Candy Stripers. The Gregorian Chance changed their team name. Andy Osterbrock sold the Brock's Bombers franchise to the tag-team owner group of Dinsmore lawyers Chris Benitendi and George Wilkinson, who re-named the team "The Wrecking Crew." (That franchise is the current day Rick Shaws.)

In 1993, we were still following the Official Rule Book handed down by the founding fathers, without making any changes of our own. In those days, we waited patiently for the official book to arrive in book stores. The big news that year was that the cumbersome Anti-Dumping Rule had been repealed in its entirety. Let the free market reign! At least until we institute a salary cap in the future! We also struggled with interpreting the long-term contract buyout rule/penalty, and voted to give it some teeth by making the minimum buyout a minimum of ten real dollars. (The analogous rule is current rule 19.9.)

The Fever took over first place from the defending champion Monsters in Week 19 and coasted to their second LTBNL title. The Fever were led by Greg Maddux, Mike Piazza, and Fred McGriff. There is a good account of the pennant race and analysis of the major trades (including The Worst Dump/Merger Trade of All Time) in the end-of-year Newsletter.

Final Standings
changed their team name
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HR RBI SB BA Hitting W Sv ERA WHIP Pitching Total Behind
1 Dan's Fever11. 40.5 79.5
2 Green Monsters12. 44.010.512.05.04.0 31.5 75.54.0
3 Doug Outs10. 33.56.510.011.011.0 38.5 72.07.5
4 QuagMyers7. 34.06.511.07.09.0 33.5 67.512.0
5 Karnold Nowledge8.09.05.510.0 27.5 60.019.5
6 Wrecking Crew2. 34.0 59.020.5
7 Candy Stripers9. 27.5 51.528.0
8 Gregory Peckers5. 21.0 42.037.5
9 Show Hoffs6. 11.0 40.039.5
10 Patrick Divison4. 17.0 31.548.0
11 Doctor's Dilemma1.* 25.0 29.050.5
12 Sol Train3. 5.0 16.563.0
Note: Doctor's Dilemma failed to meet the minimum AB requirement and was moved to 12th place in the batting average category.

Final Standings

Final Stats by Team

Postseason Newsletter (includes the Financial Report)
Final Standings
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Final Stats by Team
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Postseason Newslette
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