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The LTBNL Roll of Champions

Note: Between 2005 and 2008, the LTBNL determined its Champion by means of a head-to-head playoff series. The score shown in the right column for those seasons is the result of the final round of the playoff.

Historical Finishes, 1989 to present

  • The LTBNL originated in 1989 with nine teams. It expanded to ten teams in 1990, and to 12 teams in 1993.
  • In the chart above, "Average Finish" is based solely upon seasons under each team's current ownership.
  • Stevie's Wonders (2004-present) took over the original¬†Candy Stripers franchise in 2004. The original Candy Stripers (1989-2003) operated as The Ruthless Babes in 1991. The Wonders maintained the "Candy Stripers" moniker for the 2004 season in tribute to the Stripers' founder, "Candy" Sue Ross. They changed the team name permanently to Stevie's Wonders in 2005.
  • Dan's Fever (1989-present) was known as D. Moore Bid Truth in 1989.
  • The franchise currently known as the Doug Outs (1992-present) was operated as by Pat Moore as the De-Moore-Alizers from 1989-1991.
  • The Green Monsters (1990-present) were awarded an expansion franchise in 1990.
  • The franchise now known as the Gregory Peckers (1991-present) was the "original" Doug Outs franchise from 1989-90, and was known as the Gregorian Chance from 1991-92.
  • The franchise now known as the Rick Shaws (2000-present) was operated as the Hors D'Irvs from 1989-90, Brock's Bombers from 1991-92, the Wrecking Crew from 1993-96, the Cellar Dwellars in 1997, and the Can o' Corn Cobbs from 1998-99. The team was temporarily known as Team TBA during 2000.
  • The Show Hoffs (1993-present) and the Sol Train (1993-present) were awarded expansion franchises in 1993.
  • The franchise now known as Joey's Bag o' Donuts (2018-present) was formerly operated by Eric Goodwin and was known as the Butt Scootin' Doggies (2016-2017), by Josh Seuberling and known as the Joshua Trees (2010-2015), and by Brett Southworth as the Southpaws from 1995-2009. Originally, it was operated by Pat Muldowney as the Patrick Division.
  • The new Candy Stripers franchise (2014-present) took over the Underdawgs¬†(1994-2013), which were owned by Brad Underwood, and revived the Candy Stripers team name. The franchise was operated by Todd Lang as Doctor's Dilemma from 1989-93.
  • Between 2005 and 2008, the LTBNL determined its champion with a head-to-head playoff series. Standings in the table above reflect the results of the championship and consolation playoff rounds, with all non-playoff teams ranked in the order of their regular season finish.

Profits and Losses

It has never been about the money, of course, but here is a Profit-Loss Analysis of the LTBNL for the years 2007-2011, courtesy of Doug.
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