Final Standings

1Gregory Peckers11.
2Joshua Trees12.
3Stevie's Wonders9.
5Doug Outs6.
6Show Hoffs8.
7Rick Shaws7.
8Dan's Fever3.
9Green Monsters5.
11Karnold Nowledge2.
Final Standings and Full Report
Final Standings and Full Report
Adobe Acrobat document [56.4 KB]

2013 Commissioner's Trophy Results

For those who've forgotten, the Trophy is awarded to the team that has the best Roto-performance in the second half of the season (after the All Star Game) but does not ultimately finish in the money. We all agreed to throw an extra $10 in the pot, and the winner gets $120. The idea was to discourage dumping, a little, and give bottom division teams something to play for in the season's final months. Congratulations to the Doug Outs! It was a clean sweep by the May Brothers in 2013.

If you want to see the whole spreadsheet to see how the results were generated, click here and go to Sheet 1. I entered all the numbers on Sheet 1 myself, but have double- and triple-checked everything, so I don't think there are any errors. Still, I'd be appreciative if someone wanted to check out the entries and the math just to be sure.
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