By 1991, we were using StatsMaster Baseball, a program written specifically to track Rotisserie scoring ... and a definite improvement over the homemade spreadsheet. We had a 14.4 kbps modem and downloaded NL stats weekly from USA Today, rather than typing them in by hand. The Auction was hosted by Brock's Bombers (Andy Osterbrock), who had replaced the Hors D'Irvs. Andy had a big, slobbery dog who insisted on laying on the floor right next to the phone we were using to conference in the Patrick Division. "Is someone there ... eating something?" Pat asked, from New York City. High comedy.

It was the first title for Dan's Fever.

Final Standings
HR RBI SB BA Hitting W Sv ERA WHIP Pitching Total Behind
1 Dan's Fever10.
2 Green Monsters7.
3 Karnold Nowledge9.
4 Gregorian Chance7.
5 Doctor's Dilemma3.
6 QuagMyers6.
7 De-Moore-Alizers4.
8 Ruthless Babes4.
9 Patrick Division2.
10 Brock's Bombers1.
1991 Draft Results

1991 Final Standings

1991 Financial Report

1991 Post Season Newsletter
1991 Draft Results
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1991 Final Standings
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1991 Financial Report
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1991 Post Season Newsletter
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