Contract Key


Here is a key to the inscrutable letter abbreviations the LTBNL uses to track player contracts. We'll add more abbreviations as necessary ... should anyone ever decide to issue a 5-year contract. 



A: First year at current salary (no long-term contract)
B: Second year at current salary (no long-term contract)
C: First year of two-year contract
D: First year of three-year contract
F: Final year of contract (irrespective of length)
G: Second year of three-year contract
H: First year of four-year contract
J: Second year of four-year contract
K: Third year of four-year contract

L; First year of five-year contract

M: Second year of five-year contract

N: Third year of five-year contract

P: Fourth year of five-year contract
X: Option year ... must go back into pool next year.

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