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A neutral site!

This year's Auction will be hosted by the Show Hoffs in Dayton, OH, roughly equidistant from Cincinnati and Columbus.

The Big Sheet

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The LTBNL is entering its 30th season!

Welcome, Joe Pierotti!  Joe will be taking over the Scootin' Doggies beginning this year.




Our reigning champ

Yeah, he won again.  The Green Monsters won their second straight title in 2017, and sixth overall.


(Artist: KC Green)

The 2018 LTBNL Auction Draft is Saturday, March 24, starting at 9:30 a.m.

For the first time ever, at a neutral site!

Many thanks to the Show Hoffs for offering to host our Auction at his workplace in Dayton.  Dan will post the address on GroupMe prior to the big day.  I hesitate even to type this, but I am cautiously optimistic that we will have EVERY team in attendance at this year's Auction for the first time in many years.  Nobody on the phone!


Please be on time (be there by 9:00!) and bring your checkbook.  You must pay any outstanding fees before the Auction if you plan to buy any players this year.  Our esteemed Treasurer will post an updated financial report before Auction Day.


Freezes will be due Wednesday, March 21 at Noon.


As usual, the Big Sheet (and rosters on the OnRoto site) will be updated as soon as possible after Freezes are in.  Note that teams on the Big Sheet are listed in order of their Reserve pick order.  The League Office suggests that you set your Draft program up this way as well, to make the Auction a little easier.


We will have a few votes to take before the Auction starts.  If you have any issues you'd like to raise, this will be your opportunity.  (Three that I know of off the top of my head: (1) clarifying rule for claiming FAAB compensation; (2) adjusting AB minimum; (3) Steve's thing that he raises every year on August 31 about FAAB eligibility.)


Player eligibility at the Auction will likely be tougher than usual this year because our Auction will be held five days before Opening Day rather than the usual two.  We should all prepare ourselves for this and we should calmly agree on how to handle it prior to the Auction.


We should be able to hold the Reserve Draft prior to Opening Day, also.  How does Wednesday night, March 29 look?


It's our 30th season!  Looking forward to seeing everyone on one of the very best days of the year. 



2017 Results

The Green Monsters held on, surviving a late-season challenge from the QuagMyers, to post their second straight title, and sixth overall.  

2017 Commissioner's Trophy

Congratulations to the Gregory Peckers, who won the 2017 Commissioner's Trophy.  The Trophy is presented each year to the team that has the best post-All Star Break stats but doesn't finish in the top four.  Please feel free to check my work, as these numbers are entered into the spreadsheet by hand.


The final standings are below.  You can see the entire worksheet here.  (Click on Sheet 1 to see the whole deal).


Watch this space for the Official 2018 Financial Report.  Last year's report is displayed below.

Yoo Hoo Ceremonies

Here is the official video of KC's dousing for his 2016 Championship, following the 2017 Auction.


Following the 2016 Draft, the Rick Shaws received their second consecutive dousing, and the chocolate shower was administered by the smallest Monster, K.C.'s son Carson.  It was a sneak attack; it happened so quickly that I don't think I got a video.  I did get some photos, though.  Please take note of the demonic glee on the face of young Carson.



Here is Rick getting his first dousing, following his 2014 title.  


Following the 2013 Auction at Steve's office, we did a catch-up dousing for the ceremonies we somehow skipped.

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